The Intranet Experts since 2001. We assess, plan, design, build and manage world-class digital workplaces and intranets. Prescient works with some of the biggest names and brands on Earth such as HSBC, Harvard, Liberty Mutual, PepsiCo, Sony, and many more.

Intranet Consulting

We know intranets, inside and out. We've been planning, designing and building intranets for 20 years. 200 clients have leaned on us to reinvent their intranet. Whether it's an intranet evaluation, a refresh, or complete rebuild from scratch, we are the intranet experts that make it happen.

Digital Workplace Consultants

The Digital Workplace is the sum of all your digital tools used for work. The intranet is more than just one tool; when used effectively the intranet is the gateway to the entire digital workplace. We are the digital workplace consultants that bring the concept to life.

From concept to live, and everything in between: assessment, planning, user experience design, testing, customization, implementation & change management.

Prescient plans and builds highly effective digital workplaces and intranets that…

  • Are demonstrably better than the competition;
  • Make CEOs and users happy; and
  • Deliver measurable value by increasing sales and employee productivity.

Prescient’s digital workplace and intranet experience is wide-ranging and includes, for example:

  • Planning, launching and managing all aspects of a health portal with more than 55 million hits per year;
  • Transforming an existing intranet (SMB) into a high-powered business system with a two-year ROI of 700% ($1.5 million); and
  • Transforming an enterprise intranet into highly functional, user-friendly portals that elevated user sat scores from 4 out of 10, to better than 8 out of 10, with many accolades from management.

Prescient’s focus includes the assessment, planning, design, technology, and implementation of intranets and digital workplace tools for:

  • Health and life sciences
  • Financial services
  • Energy
  • Government
  • B2B and B2C
  • Not for profit

Prescient services for intranet and the digital workplace include:

  • Analysis (evaluation, business requirements, user research, benchmarking)
  • Planning (strategic planning, functional specifications, information architecture)
  • Design (user experience design for desktop, mobile and tablet)
  • Technology (platform and application evaluation, selection, and implementation)
  • Implementation (design, integration, content, tools)
  • Marketing (communications, content management, operation, marketing, SEO)

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